Adwords Services and Packages

Let’s get down in to business. Our team of experts spend more than three years helping every client to succeed on their journey with Adwords. We love helping people basically not just business, this is a long term partnership. In order to make our services more effective, we limit our service to three packages open for those who are willing to partner with our team of experts. The packages are the following Basic worth 300 dollars a month, Professional 500 dollars a month and Business Premiere is 1000 dollars a month with unlimited support. Basically these three services we offer differs on the number of keywords and of course the budget that a client has to spend with us. Once you have chosen the right option for your needs, you can contact as and ask some question before everything is getting started.

The Adwords Packages that we offer basically includes.

  • Keywords that are highly relevant
  • Securely organized advertising groups
  • Two ads in every ad group, these are perfectly set-up in order for it to convert well
  • Hand-picked URL destination and Customized ad text.
  • Ad extensions and campaign settings are fully customized.

The Basic price $300, (this one is suitable for those who are at a limited budget.)

In addition to the above services the following below are added.

  • Single Campaign with Geo-targeted ad extension.
  • Set-up of 100 top keywords
  • One month comprehensive reporting and management.

Professional Price $500 (suitable for most clients)

  • One to two campaigns with geo-targeted ad extensions
  • Set-up of 150 top keywords
  • Comprehensive assistance in the setting up of the conversion tracking
  • Three months comprehensive reporting and management.

Business Premiere Price $1000 (Suitable for clients with large extra budget and has several businesses)

  • Two to five campaigns with geo-targeted extensions
  • Set-up of 250 keywords
  • Comprehensive assistance in setting up the conversion tracking
  • Expert advice on designing an effective landing pages
  • Six months of comprehensive reporting and management.

Our team assigned to you will do and audit of your Ad words account for you to know the areas that needs to be improved and the opportunities after the improvement. We will provide an evaluation assessment with your performance and provide expert guidance for you to work effectively with Ad words.

Partnering with our team of experts guarantee you that you are dealing with honest people. But before that we know that everything starts with trust.

Trust, there are many faces of regarding this. One of the most common faces is the performance. When we start doing things that we are task to, you will be obsessed with us. But the question now is what about first timer customer like you? In which services has not yet been proven.

The answer to that question is simple, it’s about transparency. We are making sure that everything is set up properly. The conversion tracking and the analytics is our evidence. When you need tracking that will be set up on business site, we will make sure that this will happen. We can even find a way to track inbound calls, if you have something in mind and you want us to make it realize, we are one message away or you can even call us. This is all because we value customer and we will provide expert insights to your need.